My Words In A Movie

Jordan Waters said words I have often said to skeptical friends.  Jordan Waters is a character in the movie, Alienated.  And it is a coincidence that she said my words.

Alienated is about David Bennett, a scientist, who falls in love with Jordan Waters, a human-looking alien.  Bennett does not know that Waters is an alien.

During a discussion, Bennett tells Waters that there is no evidence to support the existence of UFOs and aliens.  Waters says that she finds that people who have done no research are skeptical.  She said that if these skeptics did their research, they would find lots of evidence supporting the existence of UFOs and aliens.

How thrilling to hear my words in a movie!  I have often said similar words to people who do not believe that intelligent life exists in the Universe.

Given the vastness of the Universe with its many galaxies, stars and planets, why would someone believe that no intelligent life exists?  Is it because he or she spends a lot of time looking in the mirror?

Whatever the reason, people who know the least are often the ones with the strongest opinions.

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