Snowstorm hits downtown Toronto

Last week, Toronto snow left Toronto to go to the North Pole to get warm.  Today, Toronto snow returned with snow destined for Buffalo, New York.  When asked why it chose to come to Toronto instead of Buffalo, Normie Neige, a spokesflake for Buffalo snow said, “We love your free healthcare here.”


“Why did the snowstorm cross the road?”
“Because it was already falling on the other side.”


“If all the snow in Toronto ordered a pizza, would Betty Crocker repair your roof?”
“Uh?  What does snow ordering pizza have to do with Betty Crocker repairing my roof?”
“If the pizza does not arrive in 40 minutes, your roof repairs are free.”
“What?  Now I am baffled.”
“Congratulations!  Now you are like most of the people on this planet.”


With all the snow, Torontonians ask, “Why did the snow return?  Is it safe to go outside?  Is the snow vaccinated?”


We’re sorry.
The number you dialed

is not in service.
Please check the number
and try again.
This is a recording.


“What kind of way is that to end a blog?”
“I don’t know.  Betty Crocker suggested it after she fixed a roof.”

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