JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass


JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass is a documentary by Oliver Stone.  I just finished watching it, and WOW!  The evidence pointing to a conspiracy overwhelmed me!  And the evidence comes from some of the JFK assassination documents previously kept hidden from the public.  Stone based this documentary on the information in these documents.   Naturally, this information was not available when he made JFK  in 1991.

As a result of the stir created by Stone’s movie JFK,  the U.S. Congress passed a law creating The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, or the JFK Records Act.  This law directed the National Archives and Records Administration to establish a collection of records or documents relating to the JFK assassination.  The JFK Records Act also directed when these documents could be released.  The first release date was October, 2017, and the most recent release date was December 15, 2021.

There are still many documents that remain secret.  Why would the U.S. government keep documents about the assassination secret if Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone?

Here are some of the facts revealed in Oliver Stone’s JFK Revisited:


– Both the CIA and the FBI had files on Oswald dating back four years before the assassination.

– Oswald worked for the CIA.

– The Secret Service and the Pentagon destroyed records relating to the assassination.

– The CIA received information about Oswald’s whereabouts up to a week before the assassination.  But, the CIA denied knowing Oswald in their testimony to the Warren Commission.

–  Doctors at Parkland Hospital, who saw Kennedy when he came in, were pressured to change their testimony about Kennedy’s wounds.  These doctors did not agree with the injuries described in the autopsy report.

– Two members of the Warren Commission did not agree with the Magic-Bullet theory.  And neither did Governor John Connally.  (The Magic-Bullet theory was also known as the Single-Bullet theory.)

– Two Kennedy aides, who were in the car directly behind the president’s car, told Bobby Kennedy that bullets came from all directions and not just from behind.  These aides were WWII veterans and certainly knew about gunfire.

– Upon hearing about his brother’s death, Bobby Kennedy immediately called the CIA and asked whether they had killed his brother.

– A paraffin test on Oswald, after police arrested him, showed that he had not fired a gun.


That is enough for now.

I like what Oliver Stone said, “Conspiracy theories are now conspiracy facts.”








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