Igor Ego Revisited: Through the Caca of Bull

Igor Ego gets off on criticism.  He loves reading criticism, he loves hearing criticism, and he loves giving criticism.  He feels better about himself by putting someone else down.

Often, he will criticize me for my “silly conspiracy theory” about the JFK assassination.  I will not bring up the topic, but he does so he can tell me how gullible I am to believe such nonsense.

“Oswald acted alone, and there was no conspiracy,” he says.

Igor Ego has only read one book about the JFK assassination: I Was A Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak, by Fred Litwin.

Litwin says that Oswald acted alone and that there was no conspiracy.  But Litwin left evidence out of his book that pointed to a conspiracy.

When I mentioned Litwin’s omissions to Igor Ego, he said, “If Litwin left it out, then it wasn’t important.”

“Why don’t you read some other books and do more research?”

“I don’t need to do any research.  I know Oswald acted alone because I have common sense.”

“If Oswald acted alone, then why would the U.S. government keep files about the assassination secret for almost 60 years?”

“I dunno.”

“The declassified documents show that Oswald worked for the CIA.”

“Bullshit!  Bullshit!  It’s all conspiracy porn.”

“What do you mean by conspiracy porn?”

“It’s all bullshit!  It’s all bullshit!”

“But the documents prove—“

“It means nothing!  It’s all bullshit!  I have never seen these documents or heard about them.  How do you know that they exist?  Have you seen them?”


“Then how do you know they exist?”

“I doubt the U.S. Congress would create the JFK Records Act for documents that did not exist.  I also doubt that President Trump and President Biden would allow the declassification of imaginary documents.”

“It’s all bullshit!  Bullshit!  And Oliver Stone is a left-wing whacko.  Who believes anything he says?”

I could have said that we have never seen the U.S. Congress, so how do we know that it exists?  But I kept silent while Igor Ego went on with his impeccable reasoning and well-documented facts.

“Oliver Stone is a has-been director.  He needs to make money, so he invents conspiracy porn.  Gullible people like you buy it.”

“So all the researchers into the assassination; all the witnesses including the Parkland Hospital doctors who describe different wounds than the autopsy report; all the people who do not support the lone-gunman theory—they are all full of shit?”

“That’s right.”

“All of them?”


“And you know this because you have common sense?”

“That’s right.”


I rest my case.




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