Watch out for agent provocateurs who will try to make truckers look bad.  The media are already inaccurately painting truckers as “right-wing racists.” The Authorities will do anything to make truckers look bad and lose the support of Canadians.

The mainstream media (MSM) ignored the trucker’s protest until the protest could not be ignored.  Once the MSM had to report on the protest, they painted the truckers as a “fringe group of right-wing racists.”

What difference does it make if the truckers are right-wing racists to what they are peacefully protesting?  What does being a right-wing racist have to do with protesting against vaccine mandates?

The Authorities are using the media to say, “These truckers’ views are not valid; therefore, what they are protesting is not valid.”  It is fallacious ad hominem reasoning.

Methinks The Authorities are desperate.  They want to vaccinate everyone, and sixty-thousand truckers, with the support of the majority of Canadians, may put a crimp in the vaccination plan.  It may also stop Canadians from complying with undemocratic dictates.

Besides using the MSM, The Authorities may employ agent provocateurs to make the truckers look bad.  A way to stop Canadians from not supporting the truckers is by showing the truckers to be a violent group of right-wing racists.

I support the truckers.  I heard Richard Syrett, a radio host, compare the truckers to the Allies liberating Europe from the Nazis.  I agree with this comparison.  The Authorities imposed masks, lockdowns, and vaccines that do not work.  The truckers are the only ones fighting to stop these burdens.

All power to the truckers!

By the way, does supporting the truckers make me a right-wing racist?



(Picture from Crazy Emails and Backstories blog November 4, 2011)

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