Methinks . . .

In the 1960s, my Uncle Lennie was a member of the Communist Party of Canada.  He and his comrades would meet regularly (once a week?) to discuss socialist policies.

One meeting, my uncle said, a man showed up.  No one knew him.  He started talking about “bombing the capitalist pigs.”  He said that he could get the materials to make bombs.

Neither my uncle nor his comrades were interested in committing any violent acts.  They advocated for the peaceful implementation of socialist policies.  They told the man this, but he insisted on “bombing the capitalist pigs.”  My uncle said that the more they told him “No,” the more he insisted that violence was the only way.

The man stopped showing up after three or four meetings.  My uncle said that he later learned that the man was from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Imagine that!  Imagine a police officer trying to get a group of law-abiding-peaceful people to commit violent acts.

Methinks the same thing will happen with the protest in Ottawa.  As I wrote in the previous blog, The Authorities are desperate.  They will do anything to cause Canadians to stop supporting the truckers.

A silly conspiracy theory?

Remember the G20 summit in Toronto in 1910.  Some frontline police officers expressed their frustration because they were ordered not to arrest the black bloc protesters who torched a police car and smashed store windows.  The media used the black bloc’s actions to portray the peaceful protesters as terrorists.

Authorities have a history of using agent provocateurs to discredit peaceful protesters and break up anti-establishment groups.

I repeat the warning from my previous blog:  Watch out for agent provocateurs.  Be suspicious of any illegal acts attributed to the truckers.

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