Well what?

“Well, why was there no blog for February 2nd?”

I went out with my shadow.

“You went out with your shadow?”


“Where did you go?”

We tried to go to a restaurant, but we could not get in because neither of us was vaccinated.  So, we ended up taking a nice long walk along the beach.

“A long walk along the beach?  It’s the middle of winter, and there’s snow all over the place.  Where could you take a long walk along the beach?”

In my imagination.

“Oh, I see.  What did you talk about?”

Light and shadows and their relationship to the pyramids.

“Sounds surreal.”

It was.

“Did you come to an agreement?”

Yes, but not about light and shadows.  We agreed we would never be alone because we would always have each other.

“Even in the dark?”

Even in the dark.




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