A Democracy?


We live in a democracy?  The Puppet Masters want us to believe this, and they are always getting their puppets to repeat how we live in a democracy.

“A lie told once remains a lie.
A lie told a thousand times
becomes the truth.”

                                                                                     – Joseph Goebbels

In a democracy:

– Would the government declare a state of emergency to break up a peaceful protest?

– Would the government force citizens to take an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine that does not work?

– Would the government restrict travel, close businesses, and tell citizens how many people they can be with?

– Would the government force people to follow restrictions not based on science?

– Would the government censor those whose opinions differed from the official narrative?

– Would doctors be afraid to speak out against vaccines for fear of losing their right to practice medicine?

– Would unelected health officials rule?

Oh no!  I have to stop writing.  I have reached 176 words.  The government has decreed that a blog is only allowed to have 177 words in order to stay safe and stop the spread of the virus.


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