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Decoy.  This blog is knot about knots.  It is about vaccines.  Facebook and Twitter will remove posts that criticize vaccines.

Let us say that Ford discovers a manufacturing problem with the brakes in its 2022 Ford Explorer.  This problem is rare and could cause the brakes to fail in SOME 2022 Ford Explorers.  What does Ford do?  It issues a recall notice to ALL the owners of 2022 Ford Explorers, no matter how rare the problem.

Evidence exists showing that COVID-19 vaccines may cause injuries and deaths.   What do The Authorities do?  They suppress the evidence and tell the public not to worry because the chances of injury or death are “very rare.”  The Authorities also accuse people presenting this evidence as “spreading misinformation.”

Why is there a difference in dealing with “rare” dangerous problems?


Note:  Facebook and Twitter will put up a fake warning about the link being dangerous when people click on a link that gives information not favoring the official narrative.  Facebook and Twitter do this to discourage people from going to the link.

If you wish, then you may continue to the falsely-called dangerous link by clicking on a Proceed Anyway or Continue button at the bottom of the fake warning.

If you click the link and Google tells you that This site can’t be reached, then copy and paste the link using the DuckDuckGo search engine. 

DuckDuckGo is good to use when Google blocks you from getting to a website.



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