Conversation With A Kool-Aid Drinker

“It’s a killer virus, is it?”

“It certainly is.”

“Then why hasn’t it killed off more people?  Just checked on Google and COVID-19 to date has killed 6 million of the World’s 38 billion population; 36 thousand of Canada’s 38 million population; and 12 thousand of Ontario’s 15 million population.”


“So, doing the math, that is only 0.0002 % of the World’s population; 0.0009 %  of Canada’s population; and 0.0008 % of Ontario’s population.  That’s way less than one percent.  That is two, nine, and eight ten-thousandths of a percent.  If it is such a killer virus, then why hasn’t it killed more people?”

“That’s because the government makes us social distance and wear masks.”

“Social distancing and masking have stopped the virus from killing more people?”


“The truckers in Ottawa are not social distancing and masking.  Why aren’t they all dead?  Why aren’t the Ottawa hospitals overrun with COVID cases?  Why aren’t there dead bodies all over?”

“Well–er–uh–uh–these things take time.”

“Take time?  There is no “take time” with the government’s fear-mongering.  They say that if you don’t social distance and wear a mask, you will get COVID and die.  If this were true, then the truckers would have killed each other off.”

“One day, they will.”

“One day when?”

“I don’t know.  One day.”

“That narrows it down.”


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