Casanova Lost

Womanizer Giacomo Casanova

I have a friend—well, I have more than a friend.  I have 13.3 friends in total.  The .3 friend is a guy who is not all there.

I will call one of my 13.3 friends, Casanova.

Casanova is married and has been for over 40 years.  He never let his marriage stop him from seeing other women.  He currently has four mistresses who do not know each other.

Casanova’s wife has health problems.  She does not get out because she cannot walk far.  She stays home all day while Casanova is out swapping bodily fluids with his mistresses.

The odd time Casanova will see three mistresses in one day, but usually, it is just two.  Between mistress visits, Casanova will go home briefly and then out again for more adultery.

Casanova does not see it as adultery.  He feels that he is doing nothing wrong because “I am home with my wife at night and not running around on her,” he says.  Casanova is not committing adultery as long as he screws around during the day.  In Casanova’s mind, adultery is wrong if he sees a mistress at night.

Casanova has to constantly lie to his wife to cover his horizontal recreation during the day.

A week ago, Casanova’s wife fell down the stairs.  She was rushed to hospital and operated on to repair broken bones.  Casanova cannot visit her because of COVID rules.

You would think that Casanova would go wild with his mistresses.  His wife is in the hospital, and he does not have to lie about his whereabouts.  He has no restrictions.  But Casanova is lost.  He has not seen any of his mistresses since his wife went into the hospital.  He stays home all day calling the hospital, every so often, to get updates on his wife.  He is obsessed with his wife and has no desire to see his mistresses.

A man screws around on his wife for over 40 years.  She is in the hospital, making his screwing around much easier.  But he sits at home with all his attention focused on his wife’s health and has no desire to screw around.

How curious and unpredictable human behavior is!

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