Duplication, Triplication, and Convenience

I bought another tape gun today.  I already have two tape guns, and now I have three.

There are three places, in my home, where I need to use a tape gun.  If I had only one tape gun, I would constantly have to walk to get it to use it in a different place.  Also, I often forget where I leave things after I have used them.  I used to waste a lot of time looking for items I had misplaced.  This is no longer a problem with my tape gun.  I now keep a tape gun in each of the three places I need one.

If I lived in a two-story house, I would have a broom and a vacuum on each floor.  Wherever I use an item in more than one place, I will have as many of these items as there are places where I use them.

There are more pens, pencils, and paper in my home than stars in the sky.  I am never at a loss for something to write with and something to write on no matter where I am in my home.

Call me a compulsive neurotic, anal-retentive, or just plain lazy.  I don’t care.  Having multiple items for the various places I use them has nothing to do with being lazy or having any mental disorder.  It has everything to do with CONVENIENCE and preventing me from wasting time looking for misplaced items.

I rest my case.

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