In Praise of Gut Feelings

Often people will lecture me about the decisions I make based upon my gut feelings.  When I tell these people how I follow my gut feelings, they say, “Your gut feelings are wrong and your actions do not make sense.”

I trust my gut feelings 110%.  I have never had a decision based on my gut feelings turn out badly.  Things may appear bad at first, but turn out good in the long run.  Things never turn out as well as they should when I do not follow my gut feelings.

My gut feelings do not have to involve major life decisions.  Often, my gut feelings deal with minor decisions.  For example, I look up a book on the library’s website.  The website lists the book as NOT AVAILABLE – SEARCH IN PROGRESS.  This means that the book is missing.

Logic tells me not to go to the library because the book is not there.  But my gut feeling tells me, Go to the library.  You will find the book on the shelf where it is supposed to be.

My gut feeling does not make sense, but I defy logic and go to the library.  BINGO!  The book is on the shelf where it is supposed to be.  Someone forgot to take it off the missing list.

This occurrence has happened to me four or five times over the past few years, and it happened again today.

 My gut feelings are always right.  Of course, they must be right because they come from that great wisdom far beyond human understanding.  Whenever you try to interpret this great wisdom using human understanding, the result often does not make sense.

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