Mlodzik Day


Today is Mlodzik Day, and it’s a private holiday for me.

I got the idea of having and celebrating private holidays from Murray Burns, my role model and mentor.

Murray Burns was his own person, a creative type.  He followed his own rules and did not worry about what society thought.  He never broke the law or did anything evil.  He was unconventional.  A person once described Murray as “an experience.”

Murray had several private holidays which were not open to the public.  He would invite you if he wanted you to celebrate with him.

When I grow up, I want to be a nonconformist, just like Murray Burns.

Danny Mlodzik (pronounced Melloddzik) and I were blood brothers.  Being blood brothers and blood sisters was common amongst kids way back when.  Danny and I pricked our thumbs and held them together while pledging loyalty to each other as our blood flowed through each other’s veins.

Just shy of his tenth birthday, a car hit Danny while he was going to school.  It happened in a public laneway.  It was early February.  Danny darted out from near a garage door, and the driver tried to stop.  His car skidded on the ice pinning Danny against another garage door.  Danny died five hours later from internal bleeding.

Oh Danny Boy, what was your life all about?  Why did you have to die so young?  Would we still be blood brothers today?  Would my kids call you Uncle Danny and your kids call me Uncle Gary?

Every March 11th, Danny’s birthday, I celebrate Mlodzik Day.  Unlike Murray’s private holidays, you can celebrate Mlodzik Day without me inviting you to do so.

The only thing I remember about Danny’s funeral was that they played Danny Boy when they carried out the casket.  It always brings a tear to my eye whenever I hear this song.

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