An indication that an accusation is true is when the accused attacks the accusor with a smear.  The accused does not respond with evidence that proves the accusation is false.  He or she responds with ad hominem attacks.

The truckers protested against COVID mandates which violate the Charter of Rights.  To divert attention from these charter violations, the government called the truckers, Nazis, white racists, terrorists, and rapists who were on their way to Ottawa to overthrow the government.

The government succeeded with its smear.  No one cared about the COVID mandates.  The focus was on the evil truckers going to Ottawa to overthrow the government.

The government did not believe that the truckers could raise so much money so quickly.  The government said that the majority of the funding came from foreign donors.

Everything the government said against the truckers was false.  No evidence existed to support the treason and rape, and terrorism allegations.  The government never charged anyone with these offenses.  Executives for GoFundMe and GiveSendGo testified before the Commons Public Safety committee that 90% of the funds came from Canada, and found no evidence of money coming from white racists, terrorists, or neo-Nazis.  Even the government’s terror-financing investigators could find no evidence of illegal money going to the truckers.

Where is the accountability?  Politicians publicly made false allegations against ordinary hardworking Canadians, who were protesting against COVID mandates, and no one is holding the politicians accountable.

How can these politicians face themselves?  How can Prime Minister Justin Trudeau use the word democracy and not feel guilty?

The truckers had valid concerns about COVID mandates with science to back their concerns.  Not only are the COVID mandates unconstitutional, but these mandates are harmful, as well.

The government has no science to back the COVID mandates.  It only has a totalitarian agenda.  It crushed the truckers’ peaceful protest by smearing them before declaring martial law.

Again, where is the accountability?


“Did you hear that scientists prefer to use politicians instead of rats for experiments?”
“No, why?”
“Because there are some things that rats will not do.”

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