Face of Concern

Face of Concern

I doodle to brood
I doodle to relax
I doodle for fun
I doodle many tracks
From the subconscious 


I have no idea of the result when I pick up a pencil and start doodling.  I allow the doodle to take me where it wants to go.

While I was doodling today, a Face of Concern manifested.  Why would a doodle become concerned?

     – Because the doodle suddenly realized that doodles have no dental plan?

     – Because Mopery was getting ready to gawk?

     – Because neither pencil nor paper wore masks?

     – Because neither pencil nor paper social-distanced?

     – Because doodles have no skin to crawl?

     – Because 9 out of every 10 deaths in the UK are vaccinated people?

     – Because dry wine is still wet?

     – Because everyone falls for gravity?

     – Because if things don’t change, they will remain the same?

     – Because?



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