A Romantic Fantasy

Spring.  Love is in the air.  How do I get love out of the air and into my life?

When I think about all the loves of my life, I do not remember any of them hitting me like a thunderbolt when I first met them.  I was attracted to them, but none of them set off thunderbolts, lightning, or big bangs of bean bags.

Over the years, some couples described the fireworks they felt when they first met.  They knew that they were meant for each other, and they are living happily ever after.

There have been times when women felt that I was meant for them, but I did not feel the same way.  And there have been times when I felt some women were meant for me, but they did not feel the same way.

Every spring, I fantasize about meeting the woman whose presence causes me to go, “Gagagagagagagaga . . . “

My friends will ask, “Gary, are you okay?”

And I will reply, “Gagagagagagagaga . . . “

“Gary, can you say anything else?”

“Gagagagagagagagaga . . . “

So, will this be the spring that love comes out of the air and into my life?  Or will my romantic fantasy remain a fantasy?




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I am Minnie and Chic's son.