Which One Is the Wife?


Breaking from tradition, the lovebirds decided not to give each other rings during their marriage ceremony.  Instead, Jagmeet gave Justin a hammer, and Justin gave Jagmeet a sickle.




Among Jagmeet and Justin’s wedding gifts was a beautifully-framed portrait of Fidel Castro.  The couple said they would hang Castro’s portrait near their portraits of Vladimir Lenin and Xi Jinping.


Jagmeet and Justin could not decide whether they would be known as Mr. & Mrs. Singh-Trudeau, or Mr. & Mrs. Trudeau-Singh.  They promised to appoint a task force to study the problem and make recommendations.

A reporter asked, “Where will you get the money to pay for this task force?”

And Jagmeet replied, “The same place we get the money to do anything: the government.”








Once upon a time, Jagmeet and Justin got together.  And Canada lived unhappily ever after.





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