Dash Is Three and Still Willing to Play

How nice to see family again!  The occasion?  Dash’s third birthday party.  COVID-19 restrictions did not allow us to get together for Dash’s first and second birthdays and other family functions.  For the first time in three years, we saw each other in person rather than a Zoom call.  Wonderful!

I enjoy family functions because they allow me to play with the kids.  The adults are too serious to play with me.  But the kids have no problem laughing and dancing and talking gibberish and acting silly.

Only yesterday, I played with Dash’s father, my nephew, the same way I was playing with Dash.  I used to pick up my nephew and swing him around and laugh and dance and talk gibberish and act silly.  How hard to believe that only yesterday my nephew was three.

I may not be around when Dash has kids.  But if I am, you can bet that I will be playing with Dash’s kids whenever the family gets together.

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