A Harmless April Fools’ Joke?

These are tough times for people with a sense of humor.  A comedian may get slapped for telling a joke someone does not like.

So, what harmless April Fools’ prank could I play without offending Mrs. Grundy and her gang of prigs?

I decided to send most of my email contacts the following:


Effective April 8th, my new email address will be 
(Old email address).  Thx.


Some people saw that there was no difference between the new email address and the old email address.  They got the joke.  But a lot of people did not get the joke.  They became confused because they could not see the difference between the new and old emails.  Their confusion stopped when I reminded them that it was April First.

So far, I have not heard from anyone who was offended by this joke.  But in these humorless times, I would not be surprised if I did.


Mrs. Grundy



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