This Does Not Make Sense


Tomorrow will bring peanut butter and jam, so leave today in the fridge.  Art does not have to be intentional because some bathing suits are red.  Death Valley is not red.  In another dimension, red is blue and Death Valley has no life.

If my calculator were human, then it would not be a calculator.  It would dress in a third-dimensional suit, and spend a lot of time fishing with my friends.  I never fish with my friends because I am allergic to bullets and equilateral triangles.

I have a friend named George Bancroft.  I have known him since yesterday.  He is useless when used as a weapon of mass destruction.  The Canadian Army never calls him.  He rarely ends up in a blog.

Soon, peanut butter and jam will be here.  My calculator will make sandwiches for George Bancroft and my fishing friends.  And then George will go home to see whether his mopery will gawk.  If it does, then he will ask, “Will Rigor Mortis ever visit Death Valley?”


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