The 2022 Canadian Laughing Championship

Congratulations to Laila Trogneux-Goosen – Canadian Laughter Champion 2022.  She won “The Gary B Johnston People’s Choice Award.”

In November 2013, I won the Canadian Laughing Championship.  The contest happened at the end of a Laughter Yoga Conference.  I entered for fun and did not care about winning.  Laughter Yoga is all about having fun.  I could not believe it when I won!

I retained my title for years after 2013 because there were no Laughing Championship contests.  Albert Nerenberg, who created the Laughing Championships, did not have another contest until within the past few years.  As far as I know, there were no contests until the late teens and early twenties.

I thought about entering the latest contest scheduled for March 27th, but I feel down using Zoom.

I love performing before a live audience!  I love feeling the energy from a live audience.  I especially love it when I say or do something funny, and the audience does not laugh.  I love hearing the silence surge softly as it carries the occasional cricket chirp.  Zoom cannot come close to performing before a live audience.  How depressing to use it.

If using Zoom did not discourage me from entering the 2022 Canadian Laughing Championship, then an email from Duncan Cook did.  Duncan asked my permission to use my name for the Laughing Championship trophy.  Duncan said it was to honour me for being the first Canadian Laughing Champion.

Wow!  I said, “Yes!”  And once Albert approved, there was no way I could enter the contest.  How does it look?  I enter a contest that has a trophy named after me?

I hope the name of the trophy never changes.  It’s my tie to prosperity.

Congratulations to Laila Trogneux-Goosen for winning the Canadian Laughing Championship.
Also, congrats to Kathleen Osmond for being the Canadian Diabolical Laughter Champion, and Kathy Slamen for her Achievement in Snort Laughter.

I am grateful to Duncan Cook for suggesting the renaming of the trophy; and Albert Nerenberg for running the laughing contest and approving the trophy’s new name.

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