It’s Hard Not To Think Of The Bay?

The Hudson’s Bay Company, now known as The Bay, has its flagship department store at Yonge Street and Queen Street.

Years ago, The Bay’s advertising slogan was, It’s hard not to think of The Bay.  I have not heard this slogan lately.

I was near Yonge and Queen today when this slogan popped into my head.  I was not planning to go to The Bay to buy a new wallet, but I went since I was nearby, and the slogan would not leave my head.

I found a wallet I liked, but I did not see the price.  I figured it was around twenty-five dollars.  Twenty-five dollars was a bit more than I planned to pay, but this wallet was from The Bay.  I started to go to the cashier.

Fortunately, I saw the price hidden inside the wallet’s inner fold before I got to the cashier:




If my name were Reginald Renfrew Rockefella III, I would have carried on to the cashier.  But I am only Gary Banana Johnston.

“Mr. Johnston,” says the banker, “why do you want to borrow money?”
“I want to buy a wallet to hold money I do not have.”
“I see.”

I turned around and put the wallet back on the counter.  I checked the prices of the other wallets by looking inside the inner fold, and some were well over a hundred dollars.

I have noticed that many exclusive stores hide the prices of their items.  I assume the reason for the hidden prices is, “If you have to check the price of this item to determine whether you will buy it, then you can’t afford it.”

So, it was off to that other exclusive store in Toronto: Walmart.

Walmart’s top price for wallets?  Twenty-one dollars.  That was still more than what I expected to pay.  Way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, the last time I bought a wallet, wallets cost around ten to fifteen dollars.  But low prices, like the dinosaurs, went extinct.

The next time I am near Yonge and Queen and need to buy something, it will be easy not to think of The Bay.

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