Wednesday The 13th

If today were Friday the 13th, it would be Friday the 13th.

Today wanted to be a Friday.  Today auditioned for the role of Day of Fri, but the judges felt that today is better as a Day of Wednes.

It does not matter whether today is a Day of Fri or a Day of Wednes. Thirteen is a lucky number for me, no matter what day of the week.

My IQ is just below genius level at 13.  My IQ used to be in the single digits.  Fortunately, I fell down some stairs banging my head several times, and the fall bumped my IQ from the single digits to 13.

I went on my first date when I was 13 years old.  It was with one of my imaginary friends.  I do not remember what we did, but we had a good time.  My imaginary friend got a kick out of the number of people who thought I was playing with myself.

Later in life, I scored 13 out of 13 on a test that did not exist.  I cannot remember what the test was for, but 13 out of 13 is a perfect score.

I could give many other examples where 13 played a positive role, but things often end when you least expect them to end.


Happy Wednesday the 13th!

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