If Jesus were around today, then he would be healing the sick and raising the dead.  Big Pharma and funeral directors would conspire to kill him.


I am not saying that the unvaccinated do not get COVID, but, in my orbit, the only people getting COVID are the fully vaccinated.

I have a friend in the hospital, and only the vaccinated can visit her.  So, the staff are vaccinated, and the visitors are vaccinated.  Plus, everyone has to wear a mask.  Yet, the hospital has to occasionally lockdown because of COVID outbreaks.

How are these outbreaks happening?  Can we blame Donald Trump?


“Why did the vaccine cross the road?”
“To go to the other side and not work.”


“How many vaccine shots does it take to stop COVID?”
“How many?”
“No one knows.”


“Did you know that Ontario is still in a State of Emergency?”
“No, I do not see a State of Emergency when I am out and about.”
“Neither do I, but Ontario must be in a State of Emergency.  Why else would Premier Doug Ford keep his Emergency Powers when there is no State of Emergency?”


“Oh Lord Jesus, I heard Big Pharma and the funeral directors are plotting to kill you.”
“Yes, I am aware of their plot, and I am not worried.  People could not kill me two thousand years ago; they cannot kill me now.”
“What will you do, Oh Master?”
“I will go along with their plot.  After three days, I will rise from the dead.  And then I will visit the conspirators and give each one a wedgie.”

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