Bill Gates Said What?

“COVID has a low fatality rate and impacts the elderly like the flu.”
                                            – Bill Gates

COVID has a low fatality rate and is like the flu?   How can Bill Gates spread misinformation?

We know that COVID is a killer virus, and is killing off the world’s population.  The media and the government tells us so, and they would not lie.

In two years, COVID has killed 6,282,403 of 8 billion peopleThat is 0.00079 or seventy-nine hundredth-thousandths of a percent of the world’s population.  Soon, the only thing left on Earth will be the vaccines that do not work.

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube banned people for saying that COVID only affected the elderly and was no worse than the flu.  And now Bill Gates is spreading this misinformation about killer COVID.

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube should ban Bill Gates, and someone should whack his peepee.

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