How To Prevent Monkeypox

How to prevent yourself from getting monkeypox?  Eat bananas.  Eating bananas prevents monkeypox.

How do I know this?  I am following the same science the authorities are following with their mask mandates, social distancing, asymptomatic COVID transmissions, waves and waves of COVID occurring one wave after the other, and vaccines that do not work.  Yup, the same science which censored doctors say does not exist.

Eating bananas prevents monkeypox.  Anyone who says anything differently should be censored for spreading misinformation.

(What a charge I get imitating the authorities!)

As of May 20th, 120 monkeypox cases have been reported outside Africa.  The world’s population is 8 billion.  Africa has a population of just over 1 billion.  Out of 7 billion people, 120 have monkeypox so far.  Wow!  That is a lot of cases.  Who knows how long before The Puppet Masters will tell their puppets to lock us down?

Monkeypox was discovered in monkeys in 1958.  The first human cases occurred in 1970.  The fact that many have not heard about it shows that it has not been a problem outside of countries in Africa.  But that is changing.

The Puppet Masters will make sure that everyone living outside Africa is terrified of catching monkeypox.  The Puppet Masters have already instructed the media to call 120 monkeypox cases an “OUTBREAK.”

Here we go again.  Watch the cases of monkeypox skyrocket!  Get ready for the onslaught of


The Puppet Masters made billions of dollars with the COVID vaccines, and they plan to make billions of dollars with monkeypox vaccines.

Perhaps The Puppet Masters will stage terrorist attacks, in various countries, using monkeypox bioweapons.  Terrorists, terrorists everywhere!


Wear a face mask around your ass.  Monkeypox can be transmitted by farting.


Stop drinking water and other liquids.  Monkeypox can be transmitted through body fluids.  


Stay away from monkeys and anyone who looks like a monkey.



Remember: You need not be afraid or worry about getting monkeypox if you eat bananas and more bananas and still more bananas.  But, please, save some for me.

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