Booshas and Good News

I had a boosha recently.  All people, except for one, wished me a Hasha Boosha.  (Hasha Boosha is Happy Birthday for the uninitiated.)  Richard is the one person who did not give me any boosha greetings.

Richard is not his real name.  And since Richard is not his real name, I will give him a not-real last name of Dork.  Let us shorten Richard to Dick.

Dick Dork does not know how to say anything positive.  He finds fault with everything—including earthquakes.  Instead of wishing me a Hasha Boosha, Dick Dork said, “You better get a family doctor.  You’re getting older, and things will break down, and you’re gonna get sick.  You need a family doctor.”

What positivity!  What optimism!  What a wonderful thing to hear!

Dick Dork knows that I have not seen a doctor since April, 2006.  I have often said, “I stay healthy by keeping away from doctors.”

Not all doctors are arrogant, but all the doctors I had to deal with were.  They did not want me to question them.  Many times these arrogant doctors were wrong.

As the old joke goes, “The difference between God and doctors?  God does not think he is a doctor.”

I am getting healthier as I age.  Dick Dork says, “You’re in denial.”  I reminded Dick that I am in Canada and not Egypt.

The next time I see a doctor, he or she will say, “He’s dead.”  But that doctor will not be talking to me.

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