Time Travel, T. Rex and an Abrupt Ending


I mixed time with machine and got time machine.  I used it to travel to the Porassic Period.

“Oh!  You scared me!” said a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I had materialized in a park where dinosaurs played, exercised, and relaxed.

“You can talk?” I said.

“Of course I can talk!  Why wouldn’t I be able to talk?”

“I never knew dinosaurs could talk.”

“Obviously, there are gaps in your education.”

“Obviously,” I said.

“Well, what are you?”

“I am a human being from the year 2022.”

“Really?  2022?”


“Did you come here by public transit or Uber?”

“No, I mixed time with machine to get here.”

“Are you vaccinated?”


“Well, I am.  And next week, I am booked to get my 47th booster shot.”

“Forty-seventh booster shot?”

“Yup.  I don’t want to be extinct.  The government says that being fully vaccinated with continuous booster shots will prevent us from becoming extinct.”

“You’re not worried about catching anything from unvaccinated me?”

“Of course not!  Don’t be silly.  This is only a blog, and you don’t exist.”

“Uh?  I don’t exist?”


“Oh . . . well, thanks for telling me.  It explains why no one listens to me.”


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I am Minnie and Chic's son.