Wouldn’t It Be Nice . . . ?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a robot do all my everyday chores?  This robot would clean, do laundry, cook, wash the dishes, and grocery shop.  I would have more time to read and put off writing.

I could afford to hire someone to do these chores if my money was not tied up in real estate on Mars.


Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to someone with whom I do not have to censor myself?  My family and friends have taboo topics.  “I don’t want to talk about that!” they say.

I have no taboo topics.  I want to flow and express myself freely, but I cannot do so.  I constantly have to remember with whom I am talking and what I can say.


Wouldn’t it be nice if I could go through my days not minding what happens?


Wouldn’t it be nice if I accepted Reality as it is and did not want things to be different?


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About the Author

I am Minnie and Chic's son.