Not All About Philosophical Questions*

“Why did the philosophical question cross the road?”
“Good question.”


“How many philosophical questions does it take to change a light bulb?”
“How many?”
“Just one, but does the light bulb need to be changed?”
“If it’s burnt out, then yes.”
“Is it burnt out?  How can you know for sure that it is burnt out?”
“It doesn’t work.  You flick the switch and the light does not come on?”
“But how do you know it’s the light bulb?  Maybe the electrical switch is broken.  Maybe the power is out.  Maybe—”
“Can we move on to the next joke?  You’re making my head hurt.”


“Knock.  Knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“A surreal philosophical question.”
“A surreal philosophical question who?”


Should I choose to believe in free will?


What is a black hole’s favorite color?


How long do philosophers sit and think when they are making caca?


Will free will always be free, or will The Universe try to make it more efficient by privatizing it?


 Will two wrongs ever make a left?


Does a thought know that it is only a thought that someone is thinking?


Who was it that said, “First, do no farm?”  And what did he or she mean by doing no farm?  Not becoming Old MacDonald?


Does the Golden Rule cost the same regardless of the economic conditions?



How can there be life after death when death is the end of life?  If there is life after death, then there can’t be death and life just goes on and on and on like some people talking.



Is there life after this blog?




* First published in The Thinky Stinky Review on September 13th, 2180.

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