I Will Take It With Me


A friend was upset with my May 31st blog titled, My Funeral Preferences.



“Funerals are not a joke!” said my friend.  “Funerals are serious, and having bananas at a funeral is wrong.”

She was not impressed when I said that an anagram of  Funeral  is  Real Fun.

Besides the bananas, she also did not like me not having a minister to conduct my funeral.

“You’re being sacrilegious by wanting a funeral like that,” she said.

“It’s my funeral.  Why can’t I have what I want?”

“You can have what you want, but you’re going too far.”

Perhaps she is right, but admitting that I am going too far will not stop me from having bunches of bananas at my funeral and no religious mumbo jumbo.

According to my father, my grandfather looked at me when I was seven years old and said, “That boy, there’s no middle of the road with him.  He deals in extremes.  He’s either going to be very, very good, or very very bad.”

Having no minister and bananas instead of flowers may be “too far,” but it is me.  Besides, dying is inevitable.  Why not make my send-off  Real Fun?

I forgot to mention in, My Funeral Preferences, Sandra E. Foster’s  You Can’t Take It With You: Common-Sense Estate Planning For Canadians.  I want a copy of this book on my abdomen, tucked under my forearm.  I will take it with me.

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