Dream Fragments


I dreamt a multi-dimensional being appeared in my dimension and asked me, “Does this dimension make my ass look big.?”


I dreamt I went a million years into the future, and there was no Earth.  Many years before my arrival, an asteroid had crashed into the Earth and destroyed it.  The galactic police charged the asteroid with drunk driving.  Because human beings love thinking irrationally,  they carried on with no Earth and did not know that it no longer existed.


I dreamt that Big Pharma invented a vaccine that worked.


We interrupt this blog to digress . . . 

Most people I know are vaccinated.  I know some unvaccinated people, and I only hear about the vaccinated getting COVID.  None of my unvaccinated friends have gotten COVID.

One man I know got COVID after getting double vaxxed.  The COVID went away, and he got the third booster.  And then he got COVID again.

Another friend and his wife are not vaccinated.  Their granddaughter lives with them and is vaccinated.  She got COVID, and they never got it.  They are still COVID-free.



We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog . . .


I dreamt that I was rich, but most called me Richard.


I dreamt I was a dream that suffered from amnesia.  I don’t remember the rest.


I dreamt that I was a thief or a politician.  I don’t remember which, but I went to Hell when I died.


I dreamt I found a fallen angel and fixed her.


I dreamt that I did not fit into this blog until I studied and worked hard to become
The End.


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