Things Trees Say

“I will cover more ground and branch out.”


“My bark is worse than my bite, but I don’t know how to bark, and I don’t know how to bite.”


“I hate male dogs!”


“No, I never get lonely.  Birds and bugs keep me company, and the wind occasionally blows me.”


“I was Pinnochio in a past life.  Now I don’t have a nose, and no one can tell when I am lying.”


“I am the president of TAL – Trees Against Lumberjacks.”


“I had a dream that I could not dream because I was a tree.”


“I don’t mind standing, but sometimes I wish I could sit down.”


“I’m glad we don’t have to wear a mask.  I wouldn’t know where to put it.”


“Where’s the remote?”

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About the Author

I am Minnie and Chic's son.