Creative Advice*

Have lots of air freshener when turning garbage into art.



Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.  Mistakes are good–especially when you don’t make them.



Coloring outside the lions is better than coloring inside the lions.



Do what you love except if it involves your hand and a lubricant.



Welcome chaos and the unknown as long as they don’t stink.



Be yourself and follow your heart, but call the police if your heart does not return after 48 hours.



It’s okay to be crazy as long as you’re not insane.



Blocked?  Try walking backward for 5 minutes.  (How does walking backward remove a creative block?  I don’t know.  I just made it up.)



Make a list of stupid ideas and read it out loud while walking backward.



Embrace solitude, but let it go if it complains.



Think, “Don’t Think.”



Start what you finish.


* First published in The Bonehead Review on July 22, 2081

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