Common Sense


“Evidence?  I don’t need any evidence.  I have common sense.”

Ol’ Igor Ego, his mind is as open as a rock.  But he is teaching me all about irrational thinking.

I try not to dismiss ideas because they do not fit into my belief box.  I try to keep an open mind and examine the evidence that supports the idea.  I try, but being human makes it difficult to keep an open mind.

If an idea does not fit into Igor’s belief box, then it is “bullshit” no matter how much evidence supports the idea.  He dismisses any evidence that pokes holes in his beliefs because he has “common sense.”

“If UFOs aren’t real,” I asked, “then how do you explain the U.S. Congress holding hearings about UFOs?”

“Congress likes to hold hearings about everything,” Igor said.  “It means nothing.”

“How do you explain the U.S. government keeping files about UFOs?  The government denied the existence of UFOs, but kept files on them.  And when people used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain UFO documents, the government sent documents with most of the information redacted.”

“Governments like to keep files to keep people employed.  It’s make work and means nothing.”

“What about the ex-military people who talk about their experiences with UFOs, aliens, and UFO crash retrievals?”

“They’re making it up.  It’s bullshit.”

“All of them are lying?”


“Where is the evidence proving they’re making it up?”

“I don’t need evidence.  I have common sense.  UFOs don’t exist.  If you had any common sense, you would know that what I am saying is true.  Your problem is that you’re gullible and believe in this UFO nonsense.  It’s all bullshit.”

Since Igor has “common sense,” he is probably right.

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