They Knew!

Pfizer documented the results of its vaccine tests, and submitted these documents to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The FDA conducted an intense, robust, and thorough analysis of those documents to assure the public that the Pfizer vaccine was safe and effective.

Despite the FDA’s intense, robust, and thorough analysis, they and Pfizer did not want the documents released to the public for 75 years.

A group of doctors and scientists took the FDA to court about the documents’ release.  In January 2022, a judge ordered the FDA to release the documents.

The mainstream media reported about the court-ordered release of the Pfizer documents.


The mainstream media have yet to report on the disturbing contents of the Pfizer documents.

Naomi Wolf  ( ) has had a group of experts review the Pfizer documents.  They found why the FDA and Pfizer wanted to wait 75 years.

The documents show that Pfizer, the FDA, and the government knew that the vaccine did not work and that people would need multiple shots.  But they first told us that one shot would protect us from getting COVID.  And then they said two shots.  And then three shots . . .

They knew that the vaccine caused severe adverse reactions and deaths.  There were over 1200 deaths in the first three months of testing, and over 40,000 adverse reactions throughout the testing period.

They knew that the vaccinated teens developed heart problems and myocarditis.

They knew that vaccinated pregnant women had babies that got sick and died.

How hard to believe that they knew how dangerous the vaccine is and STILL pushed us to get vaccinated.  “It is safe and effective,” they said.  And they are STILL telling us the vaccine is safe and effective as they target children and babies.

Is the vaccine about health and safety, or genocide?


“You better get your third booster shot.”
“Because the first two shots didn’t injure or kill you.”

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