Malicious Prosecution

Tamara Lich, Political Prisoner                                                                       MSN


“We know the vaccines don’t work.
“We know the vaccines are unsafe and could cause serious injury and death.
“So, let’s make vaccines mandatory so everyone will be safe.”


Tamara Lich helped to organize the trucker protest in Ottawa earlier this year.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it was “an illegal protest.”  He said the truckers were Nazis, white racists, and rapists; that they were funded by terrorists and came to Ottawa to overthrow the government.

The servile mainstream media reported what he and other government members said about the truckers.


The police arrested Tamara Lich and charged her with several criminal offenses.  Her crime?  She organized a protest the government did not like.  She was denied bail and held in custody for 18 days.  The court finally granted her bail with such broad conditions that she could violate these conditions by scratching her nose the wrong way.

Here is a woman with no history of violence or a criminal record.  Yet, the court felt it necessary to protect society from such a dangerous person by keeping her in custody, and finally releasing her with strict bail conditions.

How many criminals, with lengthy records, get bail right away?  And then go on to commit crimes while they are on bail, and get bail again and again and again.


Through parliamentary hearings, we learn that everything—EVERYTHING!—Trudeau said, about the truckers, was not true.


On June 27th, police arrested Tamara Lich for violating a condition of her bail.  They are keeping her in custody to protect society.

It is malicious prosecution of a political prisoner.

Too bad the government did not go after criminals with the effort and zealousness wasted on persecuting Tamara Lich.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau receives a package.  He opens it and says, “What’s this?  I have never seen it before.”
And aide answers, “Sir, it’s The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”
“Really?” says Trudeau.  “Well, throw it away.  We don’t need it.”



(Watch Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland not answer questions.)



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