Lies of the Past


This morning, I retweeted another’s tweet.  It was a video montage of Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Rachel Maddow, President Biden, and other well-known authorities, telling people how the vaccine will stop you from getting COVID.  Once vaccinated, you won’t have to wear a mask or social distance.  “You’re protected” was the commonly used phrase.

Twitter had removed this tweet by the time I signed on later today.  Why doesn’t Twitter want people to be reminded of past lies?

I wanted to use the video for this blog.  I also wanted to show some Kool-Aid Drinkers who insist, “They never said that the vaccine would stop you from getting COVID.  They said you could still get it, but it would not be as bad, and you would not end up in the hospital.”


I could not find the video that Twitter had deleted, but I found one with Dr. Fauci saying how the vaccine will stop you from getting and spreading COVID.

How long before The Puppet Masters remove this video?

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