How Frightening!


How frightening!

How frightening that The Puppet Masters have so much power that they can spin the truth from the court-ordered-released Pfizer Documents.  This information proves that Pfizer knew that the vaccine was ineffective and that it caused injuries and deaths.  Since The Puppet Masters were not successful at suppressing this information, they had their spin doctors write things such as, “Anti-vaxxers misinterpret Pfizer Documents.  Claims of dangers from vaccines are false.  People could have been injured and died for other reasons and not because of the vaccine.”  Blah Blah Blah.

If the Pfizer Documents show that the vaccine is safe and effective, then why did Pfizer and the FDA want to keep the documents secret for 75 years?

If the Pfizer Documents show that the vaccine is safe and effective, then why are injuries and deaths mentioned at all?  Why mention injuries and deaths if there weren’t any?  So the anti-vaxxers had something to misinterpret?

If the vaccines are safe and effective, then why do the drug companies ensure they are not liable for injuries or death?  They take no responsibility for the vaccines.

If the vaccines are safe and effective, then why would Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set aside 75 million dollars to pay for the funerals of Canadians who died from the vaccine?

I asked before, “Why doesn’t the government set aside 75 million dollars for Canadians who die from eating cornflakes?

Jean-Yves Duclos, Canada’s Minister of Sickness, announced today that Canadians would need a booster every nine months.  He told reporters that the term “fully vaccinated” makes no sense.  Now the term will be “up to date.”  Anyone who does not have a booster within nine months is not “up to date” and, therefore, “unvaccinated.”

What does not make sense, Mr. Minister of Sickness, is forcing people to take a vaccine that does not work and could cause injury and death.


What corroborates the information in the Pfizer Documents is the surge in mysterious deaths of people since the vaccine rollout.  People around the world, especially young people, are dying in their sleep, or dying of heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, or getting sick with various diseases.  Of course, these injuries and deaths have nothing to do with the vaccine.  Gardening and solar storms are causing them . . .


How frightening that the Kool-Aid Drinkers have forgotten the numerous times the story changed regarding the vaccines, and line up like sheep to be “up to date.”

How frightening The Puppet Masters’ control over the mainstream media and politicians.

How frightening!

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