TV and Procrastination

I am waiting for the voices in my head to tell me what to write, but they are watching television.  I am not the only one who watches television when I should be doing what I should be doing.

“What are you watching?” I asked the voices.

“It’s a movie about a rose that identifies as a tree and gets in trouble for using the trees’ washroom.”

Sounds like quality tv.

I will not wait for the voices.  I will write without them . . .


Does a knot sleep tight all through the night?  When asked to do something, does a knot ever say, “I can’t, I’m tied up”?  When will– 


Too long a stick ever stuns the stars.  And stunned stars do not make good pies.  Bad pies do not like paying taxes.  Bad pies also—


Classical compositions cannot untie knots.  But all things are related, and nothingness says—


Three attempts at blog beginnings and I got stuck?  Perhaps I will wait for the voices to finish watching, The Rose Tree.




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I am Minnie and Chic's son.