A While

How long is a while?  Ten minutes?  An hour?  A day?  A week?  A month?  Thirteen years?  How long?

A lot of people close to me have died.  Doctors knew the cause of death in some cases.  In other cases, the doctors did not know the cause of death.  They said, “We don’t know the cause of death, but it wasn’t the vaccine.”  And no one scheduled an autopsy to find out the cause of death.

Huh?  They don’t know the cause of death, but they know that it was not the vaccine?

But I digress.

Recently, I was thinking about family and friends’ deaths.  “How long do I have before I die?” I thought and worried.

My mother died in 2002.  Suddenly, I heard her say, “Don’t worry, you won’t be joining us for a while.”

Did she really talk to me from the other side?  Did I imagine hearing her voice because I was thinking wishfully?  How long is a while?


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