This and That


Overheard in Cannibal City:
“You’re an orphan now.  Last night, we had your parents for dinner.”


“I’m so happy!”
“I fell in love with the Law of Gravity.”
“Wonderful!  I know what I will buy you as a wedding gift.”


“How many corporations does it take to own everything?”
“How many?”


“What’s the difference between middle age and old age.”
“I dunno.  What?”
“I forget.”


There are a lot of willing partners out there.  I can’t believe how much sex I’m having!  But there is only one problem: when sex happens, I’m by myself.


I don’t understand the thinking of vaccinated people.  It’s a cold day.  They go outside wearing fur coats.  I go outside without wearing a fur coat.
“Go back inside and get a fur coat,” they say.
“Why?” I ask.
“Because we can only feel safe and warm if you wear a fur coat.”


“Is it better to attend a dinner party or an orgy?”
“An orgy.”
“If you attend an orgy, you don’t have to worry about what to wear.”


One day, I will come to an End—just like this blog.



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