All Is Right With the World


People are right: I believe silly conspiracy theories.  I am gullible.  Governments never lie, and everything in the mainstream media is true.  If the mainstream media ignores a story, it is not worth reporting because it is fake news.  We have free speech and a free press.  No one is censored, and no one controls what the mainstream media reports.

Conspiracies happened in the past, but are not happening now.  Powerful people are not secretly meeting to plot a crisis that they will use to push their agenda.  If a crisis occurs, then it happens by chance.

When the Bilderbergers and the World Economic Forum secretly meet with political leaders from around the world, they meet to discuss sports, gardening, and the weather.  The mainstream media does not report about these meetings.  Why?  Where is the news in powerful people and politicians discussing sports, gardening, and the weather?

Let us go back to sleep and enjoy The Dream.  We know there are no conspiracies, and all is right with the world.



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I am Minnie and Chic's son.