What Is Gary Thinking?

Gary Johnston after his species-change operation.


It is a cold day, a freezing day.  It is so cold that the icicles are wearing sweaters.

The vaxxed and the unvaxxed go outside.  The vaxxed are wearing down-filled winter parkas.  The unvaxxed wear no coats.

The vaxxed say to the unvaxxed, “We cannot feel safe and warm unless you people wear winter coats!”

The logic escapes me.



Some religious friends tell me that these are the end times.  These are the last days as prophesized by the Book of Revelation.

How hard to take this prophecy seriously.  How often have we heard, “These are the end times”?  But my friends insist this time it will happen.

The Puppet Masters have made billions with this COVID nonsense.  They will not allow the world to end because there is still too much money to be made.



Whatever happened to the cats and dogs it used to rain?



Can you still be in a relationship if the other person does not know it?



Do I need new tracks?  My train of thought keeps derailing.



Will a candle ever become the CEO of General Electric?



When will they build washrooms For Monkeys Only?



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