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“Safe and Effective”  Safe and Effective”  Safe and Effective”

How often have we heard the experts call the vaccines “safe and effective”?  Repetition is a method of brainwashing.

Who are these experts?  They are doctors, virologists, scientists, and a computer nerd named Bill Gates.  We do not know where Bill Gates received his medical expertise, but the others went to school for 267 years to put several capital letters after their names.

Whenever I question what the experts say about vaccines, a Kool-Aid Drinker will ask, “Are you a doctor?  Are you a scientist?”  (The Kool-Aid Drinkers never ask whether I am Bill Gates.)

“No,” I reply, “but I know how to look up the meanings of words.”

Safe and EffectiveThe Mirriam-Webster Dictionary defines safe as free from harm or risk and effective as producing a decisive or desired effect.  The desired effect of the vaccine is immunity.

The experts have other words they repeat for taking the vaccines:  “The benefits outweigh the risks.”

What?  Are there risks?

“Yes,” say the experts, “but the risks are very rare.”

No matter how rare the risk, it is still a risk.  Safe means free from harm or risk.

No matter how many vaccines and boosters and booster boosters and booster booster boosters we get, we can still catch and spread COVID.  Effective vaccines have to produce a decisive or desired effect which is immunity.

(Just wait, The Puppet Masters will have their spin doctors change the definition of safe to include rare risks, and the definition of effective to mean that it does not have to be.)

Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and other drug companies, know that their vaccines are not safe and effective.  Why else would they ensure they are not liable for any injuries or deaths their vaccines cause?  Taxpayers pay the damages if someone proves the vaccine caused an injury or death.


“Think of the money we can make!  We’ll invent another vaccine, bribe politicians to mandate it, and we have no worries about being sued for any injuries or deaths the vaccine causes.”


According to the experts, to conquer COVID and make everyone safe, we have to take an unsafe vaccine that does not work.  Uh?  Methinks the 267 years of schooling affected the experts’ logic and reasoning abilities.

When the experts call the vaccines “safe and effective,” they either do not know the definitions of these words, or the experts know the definitions and are LYING.


Some facts in Jabbed, by Brent Wilcox, inspired this blog.



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