Conspiracy Theories


People call me “a conspiracy theorist.”  These same people agree with me that history is rife with conspiracies.  But they cannot explain why, in the present, the conspiracies suddenly stopped.

Is it true?  Did the powerful elite stop plotting?  Are they constipated?


Queen Elizabeth faked her death to be with her lover, Elvis Presley.  They have been sneaking around since Elvis faked his death in 1977.  Now they are free to carry on since everyone believes they are dead.


Television is part of a Chinese plot to keep the West dumb.


Doctors are part of a Chinese plot to keep the West unhealthy.


The West is part of a Chinese plot to keep China plotting.


Ernest Hemingway’s real name was Ernest Glinkunboo.  He identified as a woman, and he wrote books to hide his career as a seamstress.  He changed his name because he loved hemming dresses.


Joe Biden and Donald Trump pretend to hate each other to hide their secret love affair.  The CIA has a picture of a naked Joe Biden styling Trump’s hair.  Trump is wearing only panties and a bra.


Before he got into politics, Justin Trudeau drove a truck for a living.  He was not very good at it, and the other truckers teased him.  When he got fired, he vowed revenge.


The Earth stowed away on the Titanic to get from England to America without paying the fare.
Earth drowned on April 15th, 1912.  Anything that seemed to happen after that, including this blog, never happened.

(From Conspiracies and Secret Papers by Caca K. Cabal)



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