“This funny bone guy has no idea where this blog is going.”
“Shhhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone.  He often writes with no outline or plan and lets the writing take him where it wants to go.”


“Cockroaches can live a week with no head.”
“Shhhhhh!  If word gets around, voters will elect the cockroaches to office.  Who wants cockroaches to be in charge?


“The masks and vaccines don’t work, and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) made up the six feet (2 meters) social-distancing rule.”
“Shhhhhh!  No information is allowed.  Please spread misinformation only.”


“People started dying mysteriously the same time the vaccines started.”
“Shhhhhh!  If we don’t mention it, it will go away.”


“Natural immunity is better than any vaccine.”
“Shhhhhh!  What have I told you about spreading information?  Misinformation only, please.”


“Vaccines are about making money and have nothing to do with health.”
“Shhhhhh!  Let us have our illusions.”


“The vaccine mandates don’t make sense since the vaccines don’t work.”
“Shhhhhh!  Common sense is uncomfortable.  We love living with nonsense.”


“I was thinking—”
“Shhhhhh!  No thinking allowed!  Just do what you’re told.”


“This blog has gone where it wants to go.”
“Shhhhhh!  We wanna go back to sleep, and you’re keeping us awake.”



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I am Minnie and Chic's son.