Eight and a Half Reasons for Not Writing a Blog on Tuesday September 13th


I could not write a blog for Tuesday September 13th, and here are the 8 1/2 reasons why:


1) – September 13th is Jack Gillespie’s birthday.  I don’t know what Jack Gillespie’s birthday has to do with me not writing a blog.


2) – My dog ate my pencils.


3) – I had to blow my nose and could not find a tissue.


4) – I had no time after scooping the poop out of Noah’s ark.


5) – I spent too much time at a wake after the funeral of a banana.


6) – My gears jammed and sent Mercury into retrograde causing my Justin to Trudeau.


7) – I went to Infinity, and it took forever.


8) – I left my body and—



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