Common Sense?

Hospitals fire nurses who refuse to get vaccinated, and hire vaccinated nurses.  The vaccinated nurses get COVID and cannot work.  Hospitals complain about having a staffing crisis.  DUH!



“I don’t understand.  The vaccine mandates no longer apply since the CDC reversed its policy.  There is no difference between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed.  Why don’t the hospitals rehire the unvaxxed nurses to stop the staffing crisis?”
“The hospitals can’t do that.”
“Why not?”
“Rehiring the unvaxxed nurses makes sense.  Instead, hospitals are lowering their standards to hire foreign vaccinated nurses.”
“But if the foreign nurses are vaxxed, they could still get COVID.”
“And the hospitals will still have a staffing crisis.”


“If the vaccines do not work, why do they keep using them?”
“Follow the money.”


Six feet social distancing?  No science.  The CDC made it up.


“How many vaccines and booster shots does it take to stop COVID?”
“How many?”
“No one knows.”


Is it safe yet to cough and sneeze in public?


“Doctor Fauci gave Superman a vaccine exemption.”
“The needles kept breaking.”


“How did the human race survive millions of years without Big Pharma and its vaccines?”
“Common Sense.”



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